Objectives and priorities

Waikato Means Business has set out an integrated set of long term and focus goals, subsidiary goals and major objectives.

Click on the image showing 20 year goals and objectives [GIF, 184 KB]

Click on the image showing 20 year goals and objectives

Achieving these goals and objectives requires us to identify the key action areas where we can make a difference and, over time, improve the region’s economic performance. Waikato Means Business has identified five strategic priorities where it will focus its attention.

  • Maintaining and building our location advantage.
  • Growing global industries.
  • Making business easier.
  • Building, attracting and retaining skills and talent.
  • Telling the Waikato story.

Maintaining and building our location advantage

This priority is about:

  • continuing to maintain good international connections through Auckland and Tauranga, and broader connections to the rest of the North Island
  • continuing to improve the quality of our local transport and broadband networks
  • building links between industries across the region, traversing territorial boundaries
  • recognising the importance of transport and freight between the primary and processing industries within the region
  • recognising the role of the region as an interregional service hub.

Growing global industries

This priority about:

  • encouraging greater value-added, capital investment, sustainable innovation and productivity improvements from our natural resource-based and related industries, and tourism and events sector
  • better coordination of industry and stakeholders across value chains
  • encouraging and supporting businesses to develop international markets
  • encouraging improved linkages between business and innovation support.

Making business easier

This priority is about:

  • ensuring business support is well targeted and value for money
  • providing a consistent approach to local government regulation and relationship management with businesses across the region.

Building, attracting and retaining skills and talent

This priority is about:

  • increasing levels of literacy and numeracy and educational attainment in our youth and workforce
  • building a responsive and flexible skills system to respond to changing market and industry requirements
  • ensuring businesses can attract, develop and retain the skills they need to grow.

Telling the Waikato story

This priority is about:

  • articulating the Waikato region’s value proposition as a place to live, work, study in, visit and invest
  • maintaining, growing and promoting our region’s spectacular natural assets, cultural and heritage assets, and identity Māoritanga and Māori enterprise, education offerings, business successes, a strong events calendar and good infrastructure.